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Poll: 4th Tripartite Meeting
During the 4th Tripartite Talk, GJMM has been immensely pressurized to focus only on the creation of Gorkhaland, besides, the conclusion of the Meeting seems to be only TALK on POLITICAL LEVEL in next round. Do you think 4th Tripartite Talk has been successful?
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By Swaroop Chetry on February 01,2009

Talks of the State of Gorkhaland

imageDarjeeling Today: Talks of the State of Gorkhaland Posted on January 31st, 2009 by UWB Nepali Indians-Gorkhas-Want Their Own State Under the Union of India By Swaroop Chetry A routine day in Darjeeling begins with cabbies waiting ... [full story]

By Tehelka on January 28,2008

Better And More Beautiful

imageBetter And More Beautiful The success of smaller states has weakened the argument that they might not be viable B.G. VARGHESE, Senior Journalist IN SOME ways, though not necessarily always, small is beautiful — smaller states, for example. India’s ... [full story]

By Tehelka on December 18,2009

Darjeeling’s Bitter Brew

imageDarjeeling’s Bitter Brew The GJM has terrorised the hill town, but the locals will bear it all for a separate state. SHOBHITA NAITHANI reports from the heart of ‘Gorkhaland’ KALIMPONG, ONE of three subdivisions of Darjeeling ... [full story]

By The Indian Express on December 08,2007

The Darjeeling Debate

imageThe Darjeeling Debate Subrata Nagchoudhury Posted online: Friday, December 07, 2007 at 0000 hrs The Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council wants the Darjeeling hill areas to be given tribal areas status. Those who oppose this move claim that this is ... [full story]

By The Morung Express on March 04,2009

India’s 29th State?

imageIndia’s 29th State? The Morung Express Subash Devkota Nearly a quarter-century after the first movement, the renewed agitation for a Gorkhaland state has reawakened old hopes On the afternoon of 5 January, the simmering politics of ... [full story]

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